Certifications in WPLMS

Certificate Templates

Certification is an important part of any LMS. The WPLMS comes with the power of certificate templates. A certificate template is like a layout of the certificate which gets filled with relevant information like Student name, course details. This allows you to create multiple certificate templates for your courses.

Instructors can select one of these certificate templates and award certificates to the users. Certificate awarding can be based on a score or just for everyone.

Certificate Validation

Certificate validation is extremely important as it ensures trust both in candidate and the site.

The WPLMS Certificates come with a Certificate code which can be printed on the certificates. This code can be verified by using the certificate code validator widget which would display the certificate.

This validation can also be used for Employee Compliance trainings and you can ask your employees to go though a course and the certification process every 6 months or year.

PDF Printable Certificates

Drag drop certificate builder to create and generate any certificate format. The certificates generated on the server and one time. This allows WPLMS to email certificates to users who are awarded certificates.

Accredible Integration

You can integrate Accredible certificates using our integration addon. Award certificates on Accredible from WPLMS.

Quiz Certificates

You can set quiz specific certifications. When users compelte a quiz with a score, they can be awarded certificates.

Learning Path Certifications

Learning path is a collection of courses, something like a program spanning multiple courses. The user has to achieve all the paths or multiple paths to earn the certificate assigned in the learning path.

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