AI Powered Learning

Artificial Intelligence in WPLMS

Artificial intelligence in education has been a long standing objective of WPLMS project. AI expands the power of WPLMS into areas where online education has not proved successfully implemented.

Artificial intelligence in WPLMS works in 2 main areas as follows :

AI Powered Elements

WPLMS comprises of 3 main elements, Units , Quizzes and Assignments. The AI powered units are able to automatically detect user completion and progress. AI Powered quizzes and assignments are able to score user based on user’s completion rates objectively. [ More coming soon ]

AI Powered curriculum

The AI Powered Curriculum automatically adjusts itself based on user’s performance. There are are several objectives the Instructors sets in the course based on those objectives the curriculum adds, removes units from user’s course ensuring maximum retention , yet making the course an enjoyable experience.

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