5 Reasons To Add Gamification To Your Online Training

Do you want to make learning fun for better learning outcomes?

Today’s learners are advocates of lifelong learning rather than excited for a certificate.

Gamification makes your online training more compelling and enhances the engagement rate of the learners.

In this article, I will share 5 reasons that will outline how to create engaging online training with gamification.

How Can Gamification Enhance Online Training?

Today’s mobile age learners are more attracted to the gamification courses. Many L&D professionals and online trainers are seeking a rapid increase in the utilization of gamification strategies in eLearning to engage their learners. 

Gamification courses easily engage the learners and allow them to learn through fun and play. It utilizes gaming designs and concepts in a variety of situations and applies them in eLearning so that learners can apply their knowledge in real-life scenarios. This results in engaging and compelling learning sessions for the learners.

Gamification Turns Learning Into An Adventure

Gamification in eLearning makes a simple learning into an adventure with various challenges and scenarios. Crafting your eLearning into a compelling storyline and adding various challenges while completing the courses. Encrypt scenarios in such a way that each lesson brings learners closer to their learning goal. This way, gamification turns your boring eLearning into an engaging training.

Rewards And Recognition To The Learners

Today’s learners want recognition for their accomplishments or completing online training in terms of points, badges, leaderboards, awards, and certificates. Gamification in your online training is the only way to provide awards and recognition to the learners. With these gamification nuggets, learners are instantly rewarded for their achievements in completing a learning unit or participating in the course discussion.

Promotes Collaboration And Build Team Spirit

Gamification helps you in collaborating with remote learners and builds a sense of team spirit among the learners. Scenario-based training or challenge-based eLearning courses allows you to divide learners into teams to complete a learning scenario. When learners complete the courses while being in the team then it promotes collaboration of the learners and builds team spirit among the learners.

Gamification Improves Skills And Productivity

Learners perform better when they learn better. Gamification in your eLearning courses improves the engagement rate and improves their focus for better learning. This increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your online training. When your eLearning training is capable of improving the skills of the learners then it also improves their productivity and helps them to grow and succeed.

Adds More Interactivity To Your Training 

Gamification is a strategy to make your eLearning more enjoyable and fun. Its various nuggets make your eLearning more engaging and compelling for the learners. It increases the rate of retention of learning with the interactives like- videos, infographics, and visuals in game-based courses. Gamification courses with their various interactivity and nuggets like- badges, points, leaderboards, etc. make the learning fun for the learners.


Use a gamification LMS that makes your training easier and adds various interactivity to the learners. WPLMS is a gamification-rich LMS that adds more gamification features into your eLearning along with several types of assessments, in-depth reporting, and better support.

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August 29, 2021
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