April 2020

How WPLMS Adds More Power To Your ILT Courses

Apr 29,20

Are you still using ILT (Instructor-Led Training) courses for the learners? With the advancement of technology, your ILT courses need …

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How Chatbots Makes Your eLearning Courses More Better

Apr 24,20

Do you want to make your eLearning course training better? Today, eLearning is more accessible than ever before in order …

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How To Improve Learners Retention Rate In eLearning Courses

Apr 21,20

With the advancement in the field of education, eLearning courses have opened up many opportunities for the learners. A successful …

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How Interactive Learning Templates Makes Your eLearning Engaging

Apr 15,20

Do you ever think of making your eLearning courses better? Interactive Learning Templates make your eLearning better and meaningful. These …

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Featured eLearning Trends To Be Practice In 2020

Apr 10,20

eLearning has made the learners more centric and attracted to them. Do you want to add more values to your …

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Social Distancing: How To Keep Your Learners Connected

Apr 8,20

The COVID-19 pandemic is hitting hard for all the sectors across the globe. To limit the spread of coronavirus people …

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