Social Distancing: How To Keep Your Learners Connected

The COVID-19 pandemic is hitting hard for all the sectors across the globe.

To limit the spread of coronavirus people of all ages are adopting “social distancing

Many traditional course instructors are worried to keep their learners connected with them.

Online eLearning courses and face-to-face online training are the way to keep your learners connected with classes.

Today, we at WPLMS will learn the various techniques that can be used to keep your learners connected.

Keep Your Learners Connected

Many universities, colleges, and schools are closed due to the proper lockdown in many countries. Teachers and professionals are worried about the education of their students. 

WPLMS has made it possible to bridge the gap of social distancing of the learners. Our eLearning authoring tools can easily convert your subject matters and traditional courses into eLearning courses. Thus, maintaining the physical distance you can keep your learners connected.

Let’s dive in to see in detail the various methods and techniques to keep your learners connected during the quarantine days.

Online Courses

Online courses are not a new word for you and for your learners. Many learners are already using online courses to enhance their skills and productivity. In this pandemic situation, online courses are the only way to make your learners ready for learning. As a professional or a teacher, you can easily provide online courses to your learners.

Many traditional teachers are converting their course material into online courses. WPLMS Learning management system easily converts your traditional courses into eLearning courses in just a few steps. Thus you can keep your learners connected with your online courses.

Use Social Platforms

To keep your learners connected, you can use social networking platforms. Create groups and discussion forums on social networking sites like- Facebook to keep them engaged even after learning. You can add learners from different regions that promote collaborative learning.

Creating various groups and discussion forums allow learners to ask their doubts and questions related to your courses. Any learner can share their views and opinions related to the other learners’ questions and doubts.

Live Webinar 

Along with the online courses if you want to give face-to-face online training then conducting a live webinar will be the best platform. A webinar allows you to deliver training that can keep your learners engaged for a longer period of time.

Webinar or web conferencing software has features like- recordings, chats, file sharing, etc. so that learners can easily keep recording to learn at their convenience. Thus a webinar will be better to deliver your training as well as keeping your learners connected.

Interactivity In Learning

As we already know that fun, play and interactivity while learning increases engagement and retention of the learners. While creating online courses always keep in mind to include some interactive elements like- game-based learning, quizzes, puzzles and other elements to keep your learners connected.

The best learning management system like-WPLMS can include various interactivity in your online courses. This type of interactivity while learning can help in engaging learners in this pandemic situation. This will help them in maintaining a learning environment.

Wrapping Up

It is possible to bridge the gap of social distancing by implementing the above-discussed methods and techniques. eLearning and live webinar platforms can keep your learners connected and will help in maintaining the social distance to keep everyone safe.

Are you planning to deliver online courses and face-to-face online webinars for the learners? 

We at WPLMS are always keen on delivering your courses to your learners. Our interactive LMS provides you ease in keeping your learners connected. 

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