August 2020

5 Benefits Of Using Microlearning In Your Training Courses

Aug 29,20

Microlearning acts as a powerful tool to deliver focused learning to the learners., with each nugget addressing a specific performance-based …

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WPLMS: A Standalone LMS + Mobile App For eLearning Courses

Aug 25,20

eLearning is now the major trend for the learning and training of corporate employees. An LMS is an integral part …

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How An LMS Improves The Training Of Corporate Employees

Aug 13,20

Employee training is a crucial part of the success of any organisation. The more your employees will learn then they …

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How Gamification Nudges Adds Interactivity To Your eLearning

Aug 10,20

Do you want to add interactivity to your eLearning courses? Gamification is an interesting and effective tool to keep your …

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How COVID-19 Is Changing The Escape Of Learning

Aug 1,20

Earlier, schools and colleges have been trusted modes of learning. But this pandemic situation of COVID-19 has hit hard across …

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