WPLMS: A Standalone LMS + Mobile App For eLearning Courses

eLearning is now the major trend for the learning and training of corporate employees.

An LMS is an integral part of online training while a Mobile App offers more flexibility to their training.

In this article, we will discuss why an LMS and a Mobile App is necessary for your eLearning courses along with the various features it adds to your eLearning courses.

LMS And Mobile App For your eLearning Courses

Today’s learners need modern eLearning courses and a modern LMS as well as an integrated Mobile App for delivering your courses 24/7. Learners deserve to have ample training and development opportunities whether they are full-time corporate employees or who are traveling, and those who have a busy schedule outside of work.

With the right tool, you can offer your training courses to educate and engage your learners. A feature-rich Learning Management System and Mobile app help you in delivering your training courses to learners who want to learn at their own pace.

Better User-Interface For Learners

User-interface eases the way learners access your site. It makes them feel comfortable and they don’t have to stress out to access your online courses. WPLMS Learning management system is designed with the latest WebRTC technology and mobile app is designed for Android and iOS. This technology makes user-interface easier and allows learners to search through older and new courses with a few clicks even on mobile devices.

Add Multimedia Content To Your Courses

Adding multimedia content to your eLearning courses means adding sweets to your normal food. Learners are mostly attracted to courses that contain rich multimedia content. Mobile apps and learning management systems (LMS) are the tools that easily add interactive multimedia contents like- videos, images, graphics, and GIFs. LMS and mobile apps are adding impression to the courses and attracting and engaging learners as well.

Gamification For eLearning Courses

Gamification adds another level to your eLearning courses while training your learners. If you are not delivering gamification based training to your learners then you are missing out on a big opportunity. Various gamification elements add fun and play to your eLearning courses and keep your learners engaged for a longer time. Points, Badges, Leaderboard allow learners to monitor their progress in real-time and motivate them to perform well and keep learning.

Tracks Learners Activity And Performance

An LMS not only delivers your eLearning courses but also helps you in tracking the learner’s activity and their performance from your training session. It helps learners in identifying their learning gaps. WPLMS Mobile App and LMS use a smart activity recorder that easily tracks the learner’s activity. It tracks how much time they spent on the learning and on videos and it also determines the time they devote to your webinar. Tracking the learner’s goals and progress helps you in measuring the impact of your eLearning courses and training sessions.

Delivers Cost-Effective Courses

If you dreamed of delivering cost-effective courses to your learners continuously then WPLMS learning management system and mobile app solve this problem for you. It creates a balance between the learners and your courses. When they will get cost-effective courses with lots of features then they will come back for more. Thus, we can say that delivering cost-effective courses can bring maximum ROI.


Learning through online courses is now becoming a trend among the learners and its market is growing regularly. If you are looking for a standalone LMS as well as an integrated mobile app for your learners then try our best LMS and Mobile App for your eLearning courses. Having a full-featured LMS and Mobile App can make your eLearning business more popular and bring maximum ROI.

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