Featured eLearning Trends To Be Practice In 2020

eLearning has made the learners more centric and attracted to them.

Do you want to add more values to your online courses?

Practicing eLearning trends can make your online courses better and engaging. 

In this article, we will learn about the best eLearning trends that you can practice in your online courses.

Mobile Learning

In this year of mobile users, learners are more keen on mobile devices. They are using mobile devices to access their online training courses. Some online course developers are also using mobile learning technologies to their online on mobile devices.

Mobile learning has become a trend in learning. It allows learners to access training courses from anywhere and on-the-go. It provides information-rich content like- videos, PDFs, images, interactive text, etc. thus mobile learning has become a necessary eLearning trend to be practiced while creating courses.

Artificial Intelligence

Today is the age of Artificial intelligence. With the advancement in technology, we can analyze and track the data and information of the learners. Using these data we can review their previous courses, their skills, level of knowledge, etc. This will help you in targeting the learners who will definitely take your course.

Using artificial intelligence-powered LMS to deliver courses can analyze all the learner’s information. Based on that data of the learner, it suggests them related courses and increases the demand for your course.


Microlearning is becoming the need of almost every modern learner. It consists of small packets of courses which are accurate and to the point. If a learner forgets some terms and their functions then you can use microlearning courses to make them memorable instead of revising full courses. It helps the learners in focusing on only one learning objective.

Thus microlearning short duration timing courses and well-concentrated information makes your online training more effective and helps the learners in retaining their knowledge for a longer period of time. Therefore, including microlearning in your training courses can make your learners more productive.


Gamification is not a new trend. In the field of eLearning, this trend will continue to grow. The level of engagement of learners that it provides is amazing. Almost every course developers are using it to increase the engagement level of the learners. 

Combining gamification elements such as- such as badges, leaderboards, characters, levels, points, etc. in your courses attracts learners and they get engaged with them easily. You can use various gamification elements based on your needs to improve engagement.

Interactive Videos

Videos are everywhere, whenever you visit a website or open Facebook, Instagram, etc. you will find tons of videos files. This shows us the demand for videos among the users and how they are engaging users using videos. Therefore using videos while delivering your eLearning courses can be a better trend in 2020.

you can create videos, interactive videos, branching scenarios videos, etc. for your courses to increase the engagement of the learners. Video lectures can attract more learners as compared to simple text courses. Thus it can increase the productivity and engagement level of the learners.

Social Learning

Today’s learners are more social. They want to showcase their ability and creativity to the world. To take advantage of this you can incorporate your eLearning courses with the social platforms. You can create groups, pages, and forums on the social sites for the discussion and encourage them to connect socially with other learners. 

Social learning allows you to share your courses with the other learners and promotes collaborative learning. You can use certificates and badges as a reward when a learner successfully completes your courses. Integrate with the social learning platforms so that learners can share it. 

Conclusion Of eLearning Trends

I hope this article will help you in creating good eLearning courses that can match with the latest trends of 2020. You can also use two or more trends for better courses. 

We at WPLMS can help you in creating and delivering your courses so that you can meet the expectations of the learners. We would like to hear from your side. For any further information, you can contact us.

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