How Interactive Content Can Improve Your Virtual Training Sessions

Mar 12,21

eLearning has emerged as an effective tool for the training of learners. Course developers and trainers are attracting the learner’s …

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How AI Chatbots Are Changing The Face Of eLearning

Mar 3,21

Technology has become an essential part of our lives whether it is learning or performing any other activity. AI-powered chatbots …

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How To Choose Mobile Training Solution For Your eLearning Business

Dec 23,20

Do you need to deliver on-the-go training to your learners? Confused about choosing the best mobile training solution for your …

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How WPLMS Adds More Power To Your ILT Courses

Apr 29,20

Are you still using ILT (Instructor-Led Training) courses for the learners? With the advancement of technology, your ILT courses need …

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Adaptive Learning: Create Effective Courses For Your Learners

Jan 31,20

Do you want to customize your courses to make it effective for learners? Adaptive learning lets you customize your courses …

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What MOOC’s are missing ?

Jun 25,19

MOOC ( Massive open online courses ) are an extremely popular concept. They’ve captured a lot of limelight in their …

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Launch and Vision

Sep 8,17

With the ever growing need of an effective and modern online education platform, comes a need to update and maintain …

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