How To Build Great Certificates To Reward Your Learners

Certificates are always considered an essential part of learning. It defines credibility and adds value to the learner’s skills and training.

In this article, you will learn how to build certificates for your learners to define online training accreditation.

Certificate For Your Online Training

Certificates earned by the learners as part of your training are considered incentives for learners. It is proof that learners have completed a significant course and possess the skill or training in a particular field. The same applies to online courses or training. Online certificates also add value and credibility to your paid or free training program.

From the learner’s perspective, a certificate can also be used to get a job, earn a higher salary, or promotion across the organization. Thus, an offered accredited certificate is proof of acquired skills through completion of the courses.

Tips To Build Great Certificate For Your Learners

Determine The Type Of Certificate 

To create a certificate for your learners, you must determine the type of certificate that may be the best fit for your training programs. If you are honoring a master degree then it must adhere to the standard of the training. Therefore, determining the type of achievement is the first step toward building a great certificate to reward your learners.

Select The Appropriate Template

The template of your certificate reflects the importance and nature of a certificate. Selecting the right template will add more importance to your training as it will bring engagement, fun, and team-building capabilities to your training. Appropriate template and design in your certificate determine the level of courses that is issued on a monthly basis may not hold as much value as an award presented on an annual basis.

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Brand The Certificate

A simple certificate is disregarded by everyone. Selectors and professionals may reject the certificate and the learners become affected. So, it becomes important to brand your certificate before providing it to the learners. Branding certificates with the use of the corporate colors and company logo added to the certificate’s presentation quality. This will also build a reputation for your training across the organization. 

Enter The Appropriate Information

Customizing the certificate is always a good move to provide a better training certificate to the learners. Include the learner’s name, type of course/training completed, date or duration of course, issue date, etc. to make it more unique for the learners as well as selectors. Reflecting these unique qualities in the certificate makes it more meaningful to the individual receiving the certificate.

Include a Authorities

Learners have little or no interaction with the senior or executive management team of your organization. They only know their training master and head of organization like- the director and chairman. So, including only these three professional authorities’ signatures while issuing a certificate can prove to be valuable. The acknowledgement of their achievement alone can be rewarded enough for awarding the learners.

Verifiable certifications

To avoid misuse of certificates a certificate must e verifiable. A common practice is to add a certificate code which can be verified on your LMS site. Optionally, integration with Linkedin Certificates is also adds verifiability to your certificates.


Certificates build recognition of an individual’s achievement in a particular skill or course. Providing certificates to the learners as a reward when they complete the training is an essential part of your training. If you are looking for an all-in-one platform that automates as many processes and tasks around you while delivering training then WPLMS can be the best fit for your organization. Learn more

May 12, 2023
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