Progressive Web Apps: The Future Of eLearning

People are burned out by all the unnecessary apps on their smartphones as they used to be. The download rates of mobile apps are decreasing by 20% every year and this is partly due to the rise of progressive web apps. 

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a web app or website that looks and behaves like a native mobile app without requiring the end-user to visit an app store.

In this article, we will discuss how progressive web apps can be the future of eLearning.

Why Progressive Web Apps?

Earlier, learners used to browse around the app stores for the best learning experience without taking into account the device performance and storage space. But, modern learners prefer to focus on the core functionality that is why responsive web design has become important for delivering eLearning and other training activities.  

Almost every course developer and online trainer are building their content with sensitive design techniques while adopting the latest technology to deliver a better learning experience for the learners. A progressive web app LMS is well optimized to be accessed on the web as well as mobile devices.

PWAs act like apps on mobile devices but it is actually web pages that can be easily accessed by the learners. Learners can easily add on mobile and other devices like a native app. One of the most prominent advantages of PWAs is that you don’t need to go through the app store process to store and update your app. It is easy to update and maintain within a fraction of the time.

All apps on Apple devices require App Store access which costs $99 a year even if you are just hosting 1 single app. A PWA can be directly downloaded from the browser without App store.

PWA Is Changing The Mobile Learning Experience

Modern learners are more addicted to smartphones that’s why more than half of the traffic on the web is now through mobile phones. Instead of thinking about mobile apps for your eLearning, progressive web apps are a better solution to ensure your LMS (Learning Management Solution).

PWA-powered LMS is mobile optimized and instantly loads the training contents while using lesser data. It provides enhanced user interfaces to the learners that provide excellent user experiences.

You don’t have to download the setup file and installation for PWA as it has an offline to online sync feature to make the content available even without an internet connection. 

PWAs are more cost-effective and efficient than native mobile apps as it allows developers to easily remove or add features on PWAs without launching updates. This makes PWA extremely flexible and versatile for mobile learning.

Benefits Of PWA-Powered LMS

1. Low development costs and easy to install.

2. Platform and device agnosticism for better performance.

3. No Updating Issues- eliminating the need to download batch changes and installation.

4. Seamless offline operation without an internet connection or in compromised networks.

5. No dependence on app distribution services like- iStore, Google Play, etc.


Progressive web apps are the way of the future. Considering a PWA-powered LMS helps you in getting the most out of their capabilities for your eLearning business. WPLMS is a PWA-powered LMS that combines the most efficient capabilities of native mobile software and web applications.

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