How Interactive Learning Templates Makes Your eLearning Engaging

Do you ever think of making your eLearning courses better?

Interactive Learning Templates make your eLearning better and meaningful.

These interactive templates are visually stunning and make your online courses better and engaging.

In this blog, we will help you in learning how you can use interactive learning templates that can make your courses better and engaging.

Define Objective Of Your Course

Before creating an online course for your learners try to find out what learners want to learn from your courses. After researching, define a set goal that a learner can get after completing your online courses. It is a good idea to tell the learners how your training will relate to their everyday life.

Defining a set goal increases the interest of the learners. It motivates them in taking your online courses to enhance a specific skill or technique.

Choose Right Template For Your eLearning

While designing eLearning courses for your learners it takes a variety of educational contents. Sometimes you might have to face trouble in mixing your contents or content not delivering an easy message. So choose the right template for your courses that can deliver a better and meaningful course.

WPLMS Learning Management System comes with the standard interactive templates so choose the most appropriate template for your courses from the library.

Integrate Templates With The Courses

To make your eLearning courses visually attractive and more appealing, integrate the most suited template from the library. At WPLMS we make your eLearning courses more customizable and offer you great flexibility in moving and rearranging text.

You can use animations, GIFs and images to present your courses in more different ways. You can use the same templates in a variety of ways so that your courses look unique and visually appealing.

Easy To Use And Manage

WPLMS with its integrated learning management system allows you to easily manage your courses. You can use the various in-built interactive templates to make your online courses more attractive and engaging. 

Our LMS makes it easy for you to use, manage and edit the various interactive templates in your courses. You can easily update the selected template in your courses and it gets updated at all the places where templates are used.

Benefits Of Using Interactive Learning Templates

As an Instructional Designer or Course Developer who always wants to develop an engaging course for the learners, interactive learning templates make it easy for them. Interactive templates act as a meaningful interchange between the course and the learner. It helps learners in interacting with the course in different-different stages of learning.


Interactive templates save your time while storyboarding, programming and designing visualizing elements of your eLearning courses. You can select the right template from the library to add the learning content and simply publish it. This way you can create good eLearning courses in a short time.

Focus On Content

Many course developers are worried about highlighting the main content and important points that can enhance the importance of their courses. With interactive templates, you can easily focus on the main content of your courses by making them visually appealing.

Easy Updation

Interactive templates allow you to easily change the content of that you have created. You can update the content of interactions and publish the updated content in a few minutes. Modifications may take longer in custom developed interaction.


I hope this blog will help you in designing better eLearning courses using interactive templates. Using meaningful interactions go a long way and helps your learners in gaining the knowledge easily and retain for a longer time. WPLMS Learning Management System has a library of inbuilt interactive templates that allows you to create interactive courses in just a few minutes.

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