How To Improve Learners Retention Rate In eLearning Courses

With the advancement in the field of education, eLearning courses have opened up many opportunities for the learners.

A successful eLearning course enhances learner’s skills and techniques and helps them in achieving success. 

A good learning experience and high retention rates make your eLearning courses successful and popular.

Today at WPLMS you will learn the tips on how to improve retention rates of the learners through your eLearning courses.

How To Improve Retention Rate 

Suppose you have to choose a course then what will you see in a course first? A strong content, better engagement, ease of learning and a strong retention rate.

The retention rate can be increased by all these factors. If your eLearning courses have these types of qualities then nothing can beat you in delivering better retention to the learners. Now let’s dive in to see in detail the various factors that can help you in improving the retention rate. 

Always Start Strong

A strong start always works. If you want to engage your learners for a longer time then it will be essential for you to give a strong start to your eLearning courses. Many learners judge the potential of any eLearning course with the introduction and first few chapters of the courses.

Always remember, a strong start engages learners and easily keeps them motivated to learn. So a strong start full of energy and valuable content will help them in taking an interest and will keep them connected and will improve the retention rates of the learners.

Better Presentation

The way you present your courses in front of the learner’s matters a lot. A unique presentation of the course attracts the learner’s attention and keeps them engaged throughout the learning. Presenting your course in the form of a story is the best idea to improve the retention rate of the learners.

A story type presentation makes your courses more narrative and helps your learners in memorizing easily. You can make your lessons more engaging by starting a conversation with your learners. You can create quizzes and ask them questions from the lessons to improve their retention.

Less Intimidating Courses

A better retention rate can be achieved by making your courses less intimidating. Avoid giving too much information in a single course or module as this can make your learners feel boredom and can be the cause of disengagement. So try to provide the information in the form of the small chunks to keep them engaged throughout.

Don’t allow learners to take your course at once. Divide your course into several lessons and make them easily manageable so that they can not confuse and lose their interest while switching from one lesson to the other. Therefore a less intimidating course can improve the retention rate of the learners.

Blend Gamification Elements

Blending a taste of gamification elements in your online courses can increase the retention rate of the learners to a large extent. As we are already aware of the level of fun, excitement, and interest a game generates among the people. It can keep them engaged for hours.

Including gamification in your online courses increases the level of interest among the learners. When learners learn through fun and play then they can remember that information easily and can easily recall whenever they require it. 


I hope these tips and techniques will help you in delivering eLearning courses that can increase the retention rate of the learners. Using the appropriate method in a particular course can make your course more successful. Always try to keep your course interesting and engaging so that the learners can easily learn from your courses.

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