WPLMS will be back in Themeforest !

[UPDATE] WPLMS is back on Themeforest.

Today we saw this.

This is so irresponsible of Envato.

[Earlier …. a sleepless weekend]
WPLMS theme is soft disabled in Themeforest. But there is no need to worry and we will be back on themeforest soon.
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There are 2 reasons why this happened :

  1. There was some copyright issue in our Demo16 design because of which we have to remove the demo16 design from WPLMS. Note that it is only the design part so no code related things were involved. During the design process for taking inspiration from sites we un-knowingly copy design elements and somethings this can look very similar despite being built saperately.
  2. The Envato Theme review plugin is showing few errors and warnings like multiple text domains in theme code. Use of few standard functions like esc_html , esc_url etc. where it is required. The Envato has made some things mandatory for all themes recently.

We’ve made the fixes and uploaded on Themeforest within hours of the report. However, the Envato theme review process takes a longer time. Since the issues are complex / technical in nature, they’re reviewed by Envato review specialists which seems to be taking lot of time.



This is what we see in our dashboard.

This is the article read more links to : https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000472903


There is no reason to panic, this happens as Envato wants us to look into some things urgently which is beneficial for the theme and project. WPLMS has been soft disabled in the past several times and we come back everytime.

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