SCORM Compliance

With the WPLMS 3.9.5 update, we’re now fully SCORM compliant. Earlier you were able to embed SCORM packages with out the ability to track scores or completion data. With the update, you’ll now be able to embed and track Completion (passed/failed), Quiz scores and Progress of users in the SCORM packages.

We’ve tested our SCORM test with Adobe Captivate, Articulate Rise and iSpring and all have consistent results.


See this link for details :

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  1. AmirCaspi1

    Where can I find in the EPLMS backend the tracked data of a SCORM course?

  2. malik

    This does not work at all, I created a clean new wplms installation and activated api, further I update the .htaccess as you mentioned.

    I created a Course with a SCORM 1.2 Format from Adobe, the course gets created but it always returns 0/100 points if I finish the course.

    Further if I reset the course for the user to restart the course, it always starts where I left the last time. So it basically does not reset the course at all.

    This is quite urgent for us since are going to create multiple platforms this way.
    If this is still buggy we have to choose a different system.

  3. Hi from Switzerland, I need to start with WPLMS for our Academy. Can you ensure me the multilanguage function for following languages: german, french, Italian?
    Thank you % kind regards

  4. ART-Providers

    Yes, the course data is not saved

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