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Administrator Guide9
Sometimes menus appear disordered as a lot of information is imported. This can
Sometimes this can happen if the image size is too large or the image is of form
One of the most useful setting in WPLMS. Run your entire Application in 1 single
Following is the list of required pages for WPLMS with their description. BP Sin
The icon set used in WPLMS v4 is small. Total size 360kb (compared to 1500kb fon
This page describers various sidebars/Widget area in the WPLMS and widgets. Side
This page deals with customizer settings. How to setup Colors , fonts and layout
Menus This page deals with Menu system in WPLMS. ‚Äč There are 6 Menu locations
Directories Directories form an integral part of WPLMS. The directories are no l
Setting up login and Registration Configure Login & Registration The version
This is the adminstrator’s guide for managing WPLMS. This guide deals in h
Installing WPLMS requires a working WordPress site. So, first you need to setup
Elementor is downloaded from in the installation process. In case your se