Add Create Course Button On Website

Now the create/edit course page is ready for instructors to use it. But the most important question is how can the instructors find the create/edit course page.

Following are the ways the instructors can find the edit course page:

  • The instructor can directly open the link i.e.
  • The instructors can click on the create course button to create a course.

Out of the above two methods the first one is not so reliable, the best way is to show a create course button on the website which instructors can easily see and create the course.

The administrators can show the create course button on the website at 3 paces:

  • On the all courses page / the course directory page.
  • On the website menu.
  • Inside the instructor profile page.

=> The create course button is by default shown on the top of the course directory page.

The position of this button changes depending upon different course layouts.

But if the administrator doesn’t want to show the create course button on all courses page to the instructors then for such situation we have the c5 course layout in which the create course button is not shown.

=> The administrator can add the create course button as a menu item in the instructor only menu.

We’ll learn more about creating  a different menu for students and instructors in wplms in another course: Set Different Website Menus For Students And Instructors.

Administrator can add custom link in menu from wp-admin -> appearance -> menus

=> The administrator can also show the create course button in instructor profile menu. For enabling this setting go to wp-admin -> lms -> settings -> enable create course button in instructor profile menu.


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