Course Pricing

The fifth section is the course pricing. This setion allows the instructor to set a Price for the course.

=> Free Course:  Set the course as Free. A free is available to all students accessing the course.

=> Set A Course Product: Here the instructor can connect the woocommerce product with the course for pricing purpose.

  • Select an existing product if instructor want to sell the course as a combination of courses.
  • Select “No Product” to keep the course as private and manually control the Students for course.
  • Select “ADD NEW PRODUCT” to create a new product and set the mode and pricing. If mode is set to subscription set the duration of subscription in days. If subscription is not enabled then the subscription duration is set as course duration. When a student purchases a course the subscription duration is set for the student. The access to the course is limited by subscription duration of the course, post which the course goes into expired state and student has to re purchase a course product to continue with the course again.

This section has other settings also based on the LMS settings and the plugins you are using.

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