Create Course

The course creation from front end is divided into 5 steps:

The first step/section while creating a course is create course, and all other sections cannot be accessed before creating a course. After you have created a course then you can access any other section and make changes in it.

When you open the create course page first you’ll see a popup to rather create your own course or upload a course pakage.

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to create your own course therefore click on create your own course button to proceed to creating a course.

=> Course Title: For creating a course instructors should know that the only mandatory field is the course title.

You cannot create a course if you have not set any course title.

After that you can click on create course button to create a course.

=> Course short and full description: Here you need to notice that there are two description fields, short description and full description. The short description is the course excerpt and the full description is the course full description.

=> Course Category: Select a Course Category, in case you want to add a new category, select new category and enter the new course category name.

=> Course Featured Image: Select a Course thumbnail image. This image is used in course snapshot and single course page.

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