Creating Firebase project

Firebase project

WPLMS Chat is available in WPLMS Student App from the 2.5 version released on 17th May 2019. So, make sure you have the 2.5+ version of the Ionic app source, else you can download it from your CodeCanyon account. Note that this Chat runs in sync with our Chat plugin for WPLMS Theme : . WPLMS Chat Addon is not required for Chat to work in the App. By default App users can chat among themselves, with WPLMS Chat installed in the site, you get an added advantage that App users can also chat with Site users.

Firebase Account

First thing we need to do is to create a firebase account. Just go to ( it is a Google project ) and login with your Google login.

Next you need to login to the account and go to the console section on the top right.


Next we need to add a project. Make sure when you add the project, you select firebase as your realtime database, not firestore. Firestore is a bigger and paid version whereas firebase is the free version of realtime database. This is the main feature required for live chat in WPLMS app.


The last part is to get the firebase config file for our app. Since ionic is a hybrid app, it works like web interface. So, we need to go to our firebase project – Project settings  and add a new App which is a web app.


After continue you should see the app in your project settings console :

[Updated : November 2019 ] Firebase Dependency on  Android Apps

Next we need to download the Google services.json file and add it in the app.

Download the google-services.json file for your app from the firebase.


Next, in your Project/platforms/Android/ and Project/platforms/Android/app folder, add this google-services.json file, for building the app

google-services.json is required for push notifications and other firebase dependencies for the WPLMS app.