Learn about drip feeds courses and how to implement them in WPLMS.

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Drip-feeding content is effective for delivering larger amounts of content into manageable chunks without overwhelming the user. It is particularly useful when you want to control the pace of learning for your users, or charge them for particular period of time for accessing the course. Drip Feed is available in WPLMS wherein a course instructor can set duration between two successive course elements such as sections and units. WPLMS also supports dynamic and static feed timings for the drip. The dynamic drip time takes into account the duration of unit or units in a section before giving access for the next successive element. WPLMS Supports 5 Type of Content Drip :
  1. Static Unit Drip : Every consecutive unit is accessible after X amount of time.
  2. Unit Duration Drip : Every user has to spent Unit duration time on the unit to access to the next successive unit.
  3. Section Static Drip : Every consecutive section (collection of units and quizzes between sections (labels)), is available after X amount of Time.
  4. Section Unit Duration Drip : Every consecutive section is available after the cumulative sum of units and quizzes included in the section.
  5. Custom Stat Date/Time for Unit accessibility.
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    • Introduction to Drip Feed Courses 00:00:00
    • When Drip Feed is Applicable ? 00:00:00
    • Drip Feed Origin: Previous vs Starting 00:00:00
    • Setting Require For Starting Point Drip Feed 00:00:00
    • Unit Drip Feed 00:00:00
    • Section Drip With Unit duration 00:00:00
    • Section Static Drip Feed 00:00:00
    • Drip Static 00:00:00
    • Custom Access Date/ Time for Unit 00:00:00
    • Drip Feed video tutorial 00:00:00

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