BBP Bulk Unsubscribe

Currently, BBPress doesn’t provide any control for Administrators to unsubscribe members from their Forums and Topics. When your forums start gaining popularity then more and more members subscribe to the various topics and forums. Many times it becomes difficult for the members to unsubscribe as they have to go through every topics and forum to unsubscribe.

This plugin solves this problem. It provides a better way to manage the  interface from where an Administrator can :

  1. Bulk unsubscribe all members from all forums.
  2. Bulk unsubscribe particular members from all forums and topics.
  3. Bulk unsubscribe all members from a forum or topic.


  1. Absolutely Zero loads on your site.
  2. No code executes unless it is called.
  3. Search on demand, when you want to unsubscribe, search functions run on demand.
  4. Chained ajax calls to avoid server overload, even if your forum has 5000 subscribed members. The unsubscribe function runs a chain event causing less load on the server to unsubscribe.






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