Custom Learning Paths

wplms_s3 duration=’5′ parameter=’60’ link=’’][/wplms_s3]Custom Learning paths is becoming increasingly popular for eLearning communities. This is a concept where instead of courses and subjects, eLearning objectives are given more importance. There is no fixed path for eLearning, a learner can achieve objectives in multiple custom ways. Instead of units we focus more on activities and the sequence of activities instead of a fixed path.

Features :

  1. Create unlimited custom learning paths for students.
  2. Sequential, non-sequential learning paths.
  3. Include Social activities (friends,messaging) in Learning paths.
  4. Include course activities, units, quizzes, questions, assignments in Learning paths.
  5. Award points for each step of Learning path.
  6. Award multiple certificates and badges for Learning paths, based on points criteria.
  7. Anyone can enroll in and out of Learning paths.
  8. Activity recording for all learning path steps is trackable.
  9. Statistics for Learning paths, number of students enrolled and which students is on which step.
  10. Integration with touch points, custom email templates, messages, notifications.


How does it work :

This concept is similar to’s LearningPaths (example) but we even further extend it to cater unlimited possibilities. WPLMS CLP (custom learning paths) internally uses points/credits for each step, which opens up possibilities of achieving the objective via various combination of steps.

  1. A Instructor or Administrator creates a Learning path.
  2. Instructor creates steps and points for each step.
  3. Instructor assigns certificates and/or badges based on points criteria.
  4. Students enroll in Custom Learning paths.
  5. Pursue learning paths and finish steps.
  6. Earn awards based on points criteria.


Video Walkthrough [ version 4.0 ]


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