WPLMS Mailchimp

WPLMS Mailchimp plugin integrates Mailchimp with WPLMS.


  1. Sync members of your site into various lists
  2. Enable option to subscribe to newsletter in BuddyPress registration.
  3. Enable option to subscribe to newsletter in WooCommerce checkout.
  4. Sync all course members into a list grouped by courses.
  5. Sync Courses Lists
    • Auto create lists for all courses
    • Auto create groups : pursuing/finished, active/expired
    • Auto assign users to various sub-groups on sync
  6. Auto move users to various groups within All courses list and Course specific list.
  7. Auto add user to course list on subscribe and remove on unsubscribe.
  8. Option to disable course specific lists.
  9. Mailchimp Widget to subscribe user to any list.
    • Subscribe to any List
    • Auto detect course and subscribe to course list
    • 3 Widget styles
    • Support for this plugin is included in theme support.





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