WPLMS Unit Timings

This plugin records the time that students are spending in your courses. This plugin provides very effective analytics for Instructors to gauge how the students are performing in their courses. It also helps the instructor in analyzing the difficulty of their courses and units.

The tracking of how much time a user spends on a course happens on the Course – Status or the Course Learning area. Here we track the effective time of the user.

Example: if a user starts a unit today and learns it for 2 hours and then exists. Then tomorrow he again continues on the same unit and finishes it in another 3 hours, the total recorded time will be 5 hours which is a better metric than when the user finished the last unit and when he finished the current unit.

Most of all we’re showing this data at various levels, on instructor level, course level, course category level, and unit levels.

Below screenshots and Videos will help you in realizing the power of this plugin.



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