Mobile Learning : Anytime, Anywhere Learning

Anytime anywhere learning with WPLMS. Even at remotest of places in the planet without internet you can train your students. Mobile Learning is learning anytime, anywhere and that is a great advantage.

Think about Learning in bedtime, or while travelling in a train or an aeroplane. The system should automatically adapt to needs of modern time.

In WPLMS Mobile Learning is available via

Offline PWA

Resilient PWA works even without internet. Makes interface blazing fast. Your students enjoy every bit of the interface with realtime updates.

The PWA installs in any device from Mobile, to Desktop and even TV.

Runs by using very little internet and mostly on the device just like an App. But it actually performs better than app as it stores all the data it fetches and updates happen automatically. So things like adding user to courses, course title correction , unit addition etc. happen almost instantly in all user’s device.

The best part is that the data is stored and available anytime with little or no internet.

Downloadable Courses

The most important part of Anytime anywhere learning is that the courses and learning material should be accessible at all times. All times also includes times where user is not left waiting for the course to resume because of a big video is streaming in the App.

The WPLMS comes with downloadable courses. Downloaded courses run at once in the browser. The courses are downloaded with entire assets, videos , images, text and other downloadables are downloaded in user’s device and can only play inside the app.

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