Since we are no longer providing automatic updates to users with WPLMS verison.
Sometimes Google indexes the Member profiles or Unit pages and it is not easy to
this setting will be added in unit section refer:   add this code in wp-adm
This code snippet :
Add following code, to remove Achievements from Courses and then reload buddypre
Add this code in wplms-customizer plugin>>wplms-customizer.php add_action(
This code tip will remove “Announcements”, “News”, ̶
Add following code in your Child theme – functions.php , Make sure the cou
In order to this please add a simple text or url field type to base profile fiel
The components in VibeBP come with their own icon set. The icons run on filter :
Using this tip, you can convert a text field into a youtube video in user’
In course page, curriculum does not show links by degault. This tip shows links
When users close the internet browser tab, the account remains open for more tha
Add this code in wp-admin > Plugins > Editor > Select WPLMS Customizer
In latest wplms h5p addon we have integrated it with 4.0 version of wplms. Here