for this you need to follow these steps: 1. add this CSS class ” profile-c

Hide quiz print button

CSS November 16, 2021
The WPLMS 1.6.3 comes with print quiz results button. In case you want to hide i
Add this code in wplms-customizer plugin>>wplms-customizer.php add_action(
Add this CSS in customizer – Custom CSS : .question_cwrapper .question:bef
  please try adding this custom css in your wp-admin -> appearance ->
Please add this code in your wp-admin >> appearance >> customize >
Please download this file: Udemy Header Style (child theme) Please follow these
Please use this css in your wp-admin->appearance->customize->custom css
Add this css in WPLMS->Customize->Add custom css .page.page-id-10 .col-md-
Center align all the widgets in footer .footerwidget {   text-align: center; }
Add this css in Theme Customiser – Custom CSS WP Admin – Appearance
With the In Course quiz option, the re-take quiz option in the quiz results sect
Certificate Widths can be easily extended by Adding following Custom CSS in the
1. Go to WP ADmin -> Appearance -> Customise 2. Add below CSS in Theme cus
Method 1 : Add this CSS code in Theme customizer : .pusher {   min-height: 100