Wplms Application Forms

Wplms Application Forms is a wplms add-on for receiving the application forms from the students while applying for a particular course. NOTE: This add-on plugin requires vibe course module 3.4 version, vibe shortcode 3.4 version and wplms front end 3.4 version plugins. Features :  The instructors can request users to send application document […]

Different Curriculums for Different Batches in a Course

Today we’ll learn about a very useful functionality added in wplms batches plugin i.e. different curriculums for different batches in a course. This will help instructors to create different curriculum for the same course for different group of students. Below are the steps you need to follow to create different […]

WPLMS site import and export

In wplms 3.2 version we have added a new feature: Wplms Site import and export feature is built for the users who want to export all their wplms content to a new wplms website. Export: Following are the steps to export your content from the wplms website. => Go to wp-admin -> appearance-> Export […]

Wplms Batches 1.7

Updated: Auto subscribe to course when user is added to the batch check added. Woocommerce currency check added while showing the price. Bug Fixes: Users with the same names are adding automatically while adding a user to the batch bug fixed. Buy batch not hiding the batch seats and the […]

Make First section free in course.

NOTE: This is only for the courses which are sold through woocommerce products. In this tutorial we’ll learn how to make the paid courses as partially free. Now in wplms 3.1 you can make the first section of your paid course as free for the students for trial purpose. Steps:  Enable […]


FEATURE:  Partial free course i.e. now you can make the first section of any course as free and rest are paid, Tutorial. UPDATED: Hide course button after subscription check added on woocommerce thankyou page also. FIXED:  Single user stats always showing 4 out of 100 marks bug fixed. Profile field […]

WPLMS API Endpoints

In this tutorial we’ll learn about the different endpoints wplms API has that can be used by app. The wplms API uses the namespace : wplms/v1, using this with the endpoints we can get information from a wplms website. Following are the endpoints (type=GET): track: The most important endpoint is the […]