Remove specific unit type from all unit types

Add the following code to the customizer plugin remove the Elementor and Upload Package with their ID. For another unit type remove to get the ID and add in the condition of IF like ‘elementor’ and ‘upload’ added. add_filter(‘wplms_course_creation_tabs’,function($tabs){ $types = $tabs[‘course_curriculum’][‘fields’][0][‘curriculum_elements’][1][‘types’]; $ntypes = []; foreach ($types as $key => […]

VibeDrive 1.2 Vibe-Affiliatewp 1.1

VibeDrive: Update issue fixed Vibe-AffiliateWP Update issue fixed Translation Added   Download Doc: Vibe-Affiliatewp Download URL:  

Vibe-AffiliateWP setup for WPLMS 4.x

Vibe-AffiliateWP plugin is an extension for the AffiliateWP plugin which is used to show the Affiliate User’s data in the VibeBP menu. To set up Vibe-AffiliateWP in your WPLMS. There are a few steps to follow. [Requirement] AffiliateWP plugin needs to be active on the site. Setup AffiliateWP page in […]

Vibedrive Plugin 1.1

[Bug] Issue in sharing fixed [Bug] Sharing in group fixed Large file upload using progress based added Maximum upload limit in single upload added (Can be changed from WP filter) [Bug] Load more fixed [Bug] File type check fixed

Setup WPLMS-PPT with WPLMS 4.x

To setup WPLMS-PPT in your WPLMS.There are a few steps to follow. Create an account here Make sure your one drive is active, you can test to upload a sample file/video/ppt. You have to create a new App Registration Follow the video to create a Microsoft project and setup with […]