Setup Vibe-MsTeams with WPLMS 4.x

To setup MsTeams in your WPLMS.There are a few steps to follow. Create an account here Get your Client ID and Secret Key, Refer to this video Go to wp-admin > vibebp > settings and add Client ID and Secret Key and save the setting, refer to this: For Tenant […]

Wplms Phone-Auth 4.2, Vibe-Zoom 1.7 and Vibe-BBB 1.6.3 update

Wplms-Phone-Auth Added: Select country for phone number Default country can be set refer this doc Vibe-Zoom Added: Web-SDK open with open meeting button in the same tab User can copy the start/join URL Translation fixed Vibe-BBB Fixes: Open meeting new tab fixed for all devices

Remove specific unit type from all unit types

Add the following code to the customizer plugin remove the Elementor and Upload Package with their ID. For another unit type remove to get the ID and add in the condition of IF like ‘elementor’ and ‘upload’ added. add_filter(‘wplms_course_creation_tabs’,function($tabs){ $types = $tabs[‘course_curriculum’][‘fields’][0][‘curriculum_elements’][1][‘types’]; $ntypes = []; foreach ($types as $key => […]

FV-Player Shortcode support for WPLMS 4.0 in Unit Page

Steps to follow: Enable the setting in wp-admin > Settings > FV player >  Setup > Load FV Flowplayer JS everywhere Use this custom code: code in Customizer plugin or Child Theme. Correction to above code : add_action(‘wp_enqueue_scripts’,function(){ ?> < script> document.addEventListener(‘unit_loaded’, function(){ setTimeout( fv_player_load, 10 ); }); < […]

VibeDrive 1.2 Vibe-Affiliatewp 1.1

VibeDrive: Update issue fixed Vibe-AffiliateWP Update issue fixed Translation Added   Download Doc: Vibe-Affiliatewp Download URL: