WPLMS User Session

WPLMS USER SESSION ADDON FEATURES: 1. Track login and logout times. 2. Detects a logout if a user becomes offline. 3. Records Session time, automatic resume session. 4. Session path and components users visited in the PWA. 5. Recording in Firebase, no periodic calls. 100% accuracy with online status. 6. […]

Parent-User Review Widget

Review widget useful to send reviews from instructor to student and the students can view their reviews in dashboard and parent can also view the reviews of all his children. INSTRUCTOR REVIEW WIDGET : the instructor can search student and post review STUDENT REVIEW WIDGET : Students can check the […]

Remove NOTES-and-REVIEW Sub-Menu from COURSE Menu Items

add this code in wplms-customizer plugin>>wplms-customizer.php add_action( ‘bp_init’, function() { global $bp; bp_core_remove_subnav_item( ‘course’, ‘notes_reviews’ ); }); before: after: same way you can disable profile image uploads add_action( ‘bp_init’, function() { global $bp; bp_core_remove_subnav_item( ‘profile’, ‘change-avatar’ ); });

Show unit duration in hours

In the wplms version 4 when we set the unit duration in hours it shows in days here: but to change this on course status page check this gits: https://gist.github.com/99Pratibha/070a5585d03c86f1c9e14dbe2c6abd00 add this in wplms-customizer/wplms-customizer.php file after that it will show like:  


Introduction to WPLMS ACTIVE_CAMPAIGN. it’s the integration with Active_Camapign Plugin useful to create your course-specific lists in the active_campaign’s lists section. add the users in the contacts section in the active_campaign. Features: Sync members to your site into the various lists. Enable subscription to the newsletter in BuddyPress registration. Enable […]

Introduction to WPLMS_GROUNDHOGG

Introduction to WPLMS-Groundhogg: Wplms-groundhogg integrates the Groundhogg Plugin with WPLMS. It enables the user to automatically create their own tags in groundhogg’s tags section. Features: It enables the user to create their course-specific tags in the groundhogg. Assigns the users to the course-specific tags as per their subscription in the […]

Introduction to WPLMS_Getresponse

What is WPLMS_Getresponse? Wplms Getresponse works like Mailchimp used to create lists of the users in Getresponse. you can create lists of the users based on the courses they are subscribed to. Features: Sync members to your site into the various lists. Enable subscription to the newsletter in BuddyPress registration. […]


Introduction to WPLMS-Sms-Notifications. WPLMS-Sms-Notifications addon is useful to send the SMSs to the user whose number is verified in the profile section in WPLMS. It directly sends notifications to the users on the registered number. Installation: first, you need to install the WPLMS-Sms-Notifications plugin. Activate the plugin. Twilio Setting: First, […]