WPLMS Batches

WPLMS Batches is an add-on for sub grouping of students in courses.



  1. Create custom batches from the course front end panel.
  2. Allow students to enrol in batches after course purchase.
  3. Force users to enrol in batch to pursue a course.
  4. Auto allocate courses connected to the batch to the batch students.
  5. Set start date and end dates in batch with access restrictions within these dates.
  6. Set number of seats in Batches after which enrol,join & request membership buttons are hidden from groups.
  7. Force users to see courses connected to a batch, other courses are hidden and can only be accessed via direct url.
  8. Set batch Off days, weekly schedule, Monthly schedule, Annual schedule
  9. Enable batch timings and force course accessibility within batch timings
  10. Set batch timings on repeatable basis
  11. Support for this plugin is included in theme support.
  12. Batch Specific curriculum
  13. Hidden Batches for special users
  14. Custom ordering of course batches


Suitable for

  1. Schools & Universities
  2. Instructor led classes for Courses both offline and online courses
  3. Corporate training centres
  4. Course classes with different Start dates
  5. Company wise courses, remaining courses are hidden.


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