How to create a support topic in new WPLMS forums.

Go to “Forums” in Register yourself Login into the system to create a new support topic Go to sub-forum Scroll down to bottom to create a new support topic. For replies, if you want to share credentials or any information you wish to keep confidential, make sure to check on […]

Reset password link missing

This issue is between the wordpress login system and buddypress reset password code. Please refer these links:

Non ajax course

Please add this code in your wp-content/plugins/wplms-customizer/wplms-customizer.php file  : Note : Enable the previous unit lock to make this tip work. add_action(‘wp_footer’,’load_js_unit_traverse’); function load_js_unit_traverse(){ ?> <script> jQuery(document).ready(function($){ $(‘.unit_content’).on(‘unit_traverse’,function(){ $(‘.unit_content’).init(); $(‘body’).find(‘.course_progressbar’).on(‘increment’,function(){ location.reload(); }); }); $(‘.course_lesson’).on(‘click’,function(){ $(‘.ajax-popup-link’).trigger(‘click’); }); }); </script> <?php }  

De-register vibe course module plugin scripts and style

Please add this code to deregister the course.js script from a specific page in your wplms-customizer.php file in wplms customizer plugin : add_action(‘wp_footer’,’custom_function1212′,12); function custom_function1212(){ if(is_page(2))         wp_deregister_script( ‘bp-course-js’ ); } Where “2” marked in red is the page id of the specific page.   Please add this code […]

Force open Video on Full screen when user clicks on play

This fix only for self hosted videos or videos using the WP Medialements. Copy below code and paste/append it in WPLMS options panel – Footer – Google analytics code   <script> jQuery(document).ready(function($){ jQuery(‘.unit_content’).on(‘unit_traverse’,function(){ $(‘video’).each(function(){ player = new MediaElementPlayer(‘video’); $(‘video’).on(“play”, function() { player.enterFullScreen(); }); }); }); }); </script> Result : When […]

Disable the privacy for particular post type

Please add the given code in your wp-content/plugin/wplms-customizer/wplms-customizer.php . This will disable the privacy for questions only : add_filter(‘init’,’remove_wplms_frontend_cpt_query’); function remove_wplms_frontend_cpt_query(){ add_filter(‘wplms_frontend_cpt_query’,’wplms_instructor_privacy_filter_remove_questions’,999); add_filter(‘wplms_backend_cpt_query’,’wplms_instructor_privacy_filter_remove_questions’,999); } function wplms_instructor_privacy_filter_remove_questions($args){ if($args[‘post_type’] == ‘question’){ unset($args[‘author’]); } return $args; } Note : You can replace the custom post type “question” with the following : course, wplms-assignment,quiz,unit,certificate […]

Reset course on finish

Please add this code in your wp-content/plugins/wplms-customizer/wplms-customizer.php file : add_action(‘wplms_submit_course’,’course_reset_on_finish’,999,2); function course_reset_on_finish($course_id,$user_id){ bp_course_update_user_course_status($user_id,$course_id,0); // New function $course_curriculum = bp_course_get_curriculum($course_id); bp_course_update_user_progress($user_id,$course_id,0); //NEw drip feed use case delete_user_meta($user_id,’start_course_’.$course_id); do_action(‘wplms_student_course_reset’,$course_id,$user_id); foreach($course_curriculum as $c){ if(is_numeric($c)){ if(bp_course_get_post_type($c) == ‘quiz’){ bp_course_remove_user_quiz_status($user_id,$c); bp_course_reset_quiz_retakes($c,$user_id); $questions = bp_course_get_quiz_questions($c,$user_id); if(isset($questions) && is_array($questions) && is_Array($questions[‘ques’])){ foreach($questions[‘ques’] as $question){ global $wpdb; if(isset($question) […]

Remove Price Dropdown from purchased course

Please add the code below in your wp-content/plugins/wplms-customizer/wplms-customizer.php file : add_filter(‘wplms_course_credits’,’customwplms_course_credits_array7′,10,2); function customwplms_course_credits_array7($credits_html,$course_id){ if(is_user_logged_in()) { $user_id = get_current_user_id(); $course_user = bp_course_get_user_course_status($user_id,$course_id); if(wplms_user_course_active_check($user_id,$course_id)){ switch($course_user){ case 1: $course_status = __(‘START COURSE’,’vibe’); break; case 2: $course_status = __(‘CONTINUE COURSE’,’vibe’); break; case 3: $course_status = __(‘COURSE UNDER EVALUATION’,’vibe’); break; case 4: $finished_course_access = vibe_get_option(‘finished_course_access’); […]