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    Hi all, google rank is crusial for all online businesses. I was wondering whether WPLMS is (or will be) compatible with AMP. Or if this falls out of the WPLMS' scope, is it possible to integrate WPLMS and Automattic's AMP plugin?
    There is a plugin for that :) A more or less official WP AMP plugin, but for now AMP only works on posts. But there is another plugin (haven't tested it yet) which should support AMP for all post types. If you decide to try it please report back if it works with pages and courses. ATM I am using AMP for wp and you can see an example of AMP version of a blog post here. To see the original version just remove amp at the end.
    Any idea what amp plugin works well with the theme ? I understand there is an app but very few download app at the very first go hence amp is required.
    There can not be 1 single plugin for AMP. Especially for WPLMS. WPLMS is tranforming to a Progressive web app so, the need for AMP will not be there once our migration happens.
    @ Mr.Vibe google ask us and need to be compatible with AMP
Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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