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    Hello there, Thanks for the great theme, I bought it for 2 of my clients. But I'm facing an issue translating theme and plugins (such as Front End) and my clients annoys me about it. I'm using Loco translate, but when I update the plugins the translation disappears. Another thing, WHAT A STUPID TRANSLATION, I hate most of it, the translators was using copy and paste or Google Translate for it. As a thank you, i will translate the theme to real strings, so how can I sent it to you, do you have a localization projects for it? Best regards.
    Hey, thanks for your tremendous effort and kind words. I really appreciate your offer.
    but we use only English language in our codes so if any user wants to translate it in his language we simply refer them to translate by their own. English is an ambiguous language, maybe you translate a string into translated string 1 and another user translates it in string 2. so it is his own choice and preference. i hope you understand what i mean.
    you can do one thing for me, you could rate us and write your awesome and detailed experience about us. what you feel about our product and quality support. that would be really amazing & appreciable.


    now if we talk about the translation loss. yes on every update local files will be affected so that you need to put these translated files into global folders. it will prevent string loss from the update. here is how you can achieve this.

    Note: in this, I am using my local test setup site language which is "Português do Brasil". you have to select your site language.

    Always sync and save the pot file refer:

    Note: Always copy local .Po | .Mo files into the global folder. it will prevent from translation string loss while updating theme/ plugins.

    How could you do this:

    In this video, 

    1. i have checked the site language from wp-admin > settings > general > site language.
    2. then goto wp-admin > loco translate > theme/plugin > theme name / plugin name.
    3. Copy author file to system file.
    4. the author stands for local file and system stands for the global file.
    5. once your done copying. from now you have to translate a string in global (system) file.

    These steps should be followed for all plugins and theme in which you are making any changes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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