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    Dear Vibe, I have recently been l00king into certificates. I build a nice template but for some reason it can only be used by the one that has created the template. I would like to have 2-3 standard templates that any instructor can use and select in the front end course creation. How can I set this up? Thanks in advance
    Anshuman Sahu
    Okay can you please confirm if you are using instructors content privacy . If no then templates should have been available to the instructors to use in course .
    Yes I am using content privacy. Is there still a way to make templates "public".
    Go to wp-admin->plugins->editor->wplms customiser plugin->choose wplms-customizer.php Add these lines and save. This will fix your issue. add_filter('wplms_frontend_cpt_query','custom_wplms_frontend_cpt_query',999); function custom_wplms_frontend_cpt_query($args){ if($args['post_type']=='certificate'){ unset($args['author']); } return  $args; }  
    Thanks! This works indeed! So one more thing. Is it also possible to have the templates shown already in the dropwdown? So it is not necessary to type 4 characters? See the picture for more details. Would be great if default certificates can be shown in the red box
    Sorry, but this is not possible with WPLMS.
    Hi Alex, I tried your code to share certificates among admins and instrustors but doesnt work. Please tell how to do it, thanks
    hi @eduardovid

    I request you to please create your own topic because to check your issue if we want your's admin credentials or page URL of your site then an Email sends to the person who creates this topic with your credentials either you send them as a private reply which is not good.

    so for security purposes always create your own topic.

    and share all the details about the issue there with screenshot and also provide site url and credentials in private reply in case to check this on your site.
Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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