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    Hi Vibe Team... About a year ago I got some help to display only the current year on my footer. This was the response given by Diana:
    @MzPlatinum, Please paste this code in wp-admin > Plugins > editor > Select WPLMS Customizer plugin > wplms-customizer.php   add_shortcode('vibe_current_date_with_year','vibe_current_date_with_year');   function vibe_current_date_with_year($atts, $content = null){   extract(shortcode_atts(array(   'format' => 'Y',   ), $atts));   $return = date($format);   return $return;   }   Then add a text widget in footer sider and paste this shortcode :   [vibe_current_date_with_year]   This will display only the current year
    This did work, but now since the customizer is now 'inactive' my shortcode no longer works. Please help. Thanks.
    Nevermind... Tired freelancer move...the WPLMS customizer plugin wasn't active..that's why it was no longer working. Sorry!
    hello, your customiser plugin was not activated that is why issue appeared. marking this as closed.
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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