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    We are about to launch/upgrade our new e-Learning plattform to WPLMS. We are really satisfied with WPLMS so far and a bunch of test persons have tested our new plattform with all our Courses and lessons. But one BIG, BIG issue for us (and also respons from our test persons) is the <span lang="en">absence of search function. We could not find a way to search for content with in the lessons. Our courses contains videos, text/pictures, quizzies, files. Questions for you:</span>
    1. How could we make it possible for our users to search for content (text content) in lessons?
    2. If this is not possible out of the box, could you assist us with help making this possible for us (customizing)?
    Apologies as of now this feature is not available in the theme, also we are not taking up any customization projects due to time constraints. You can add this feature in Feature request forum. If we receive similar requests from other members as well, we can consider including this in theme future updates. Thanks for understanding.
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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