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    Hello, We are using dripfeed, based on start of a course. We are now importing excisting users from an old system into the new course. They should be able to access the course on where they are in the old system. How can this be achieved, without using a SQL query? The dripfeed settings are as following: Starting point: start course Drip feed type: Section Drip feed duration: Lenght of Unit Time between elements: 28 days Timeunit: Days I’ve tried checking the lessons that the student should have completed; however then it still gives months until the next unit should be available. I’ve tried changing the start-date of the course in BP-activity, so that it matches the moment they started in the old system, however it still gives multiple months for the next unit. On what is the remaining drip feed time calculated, or where is it saved? Then I could change this and that would resolve everything! Thanks in advance.
    You can update complete unit meta by this: update_user_meta($user_id,'complete_unit_'.$unit_id.'_'.$course_id,$time);
    please change user id , unit id, course id and time
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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