Need developer or webdesigner with experience in WPLMS to help with unresolved issues from new update

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      Having issues with WPLMS site since update and vibe themes is unable or doesn't have the time to help with the issue and my site has been down for 3 days with students not able to access their course. Willing to pay someone to resolve issue.  I am not a developer or web designer i purchased the theme and designed it myself by watching tutorials and reading this forum. But since most people are having issues with the new update Vibe themes seems backed up and unable to help which is costing me money and time. Admin has no problem accessing courses after payment and start or continue course but students can log in make payments but when they go to "MY Courses" to start or continue course nothing happens  at all page just sits there or it says page can not be displayed or the top name of page acts like its going to redirect to a page which is the name of one of my posts.  Which i don't even uses posts. Again i ma not a developer or web person but from reading forums sounds like it could be the perm links?// and some have said to reset permalinks. I don't know what to reset them to???  It seems when student logs in they cannot start course after payment the Start course button is not redirecting to the actual course.  just my thought from trying to figure out on my own..   I need to hire a developer or web designer that can respond quicker and actually try to trouble shoot and resolve the problems with WPLMS in a timely manner which Vibe themes cannot do. My site has been unusable for 3 days now with no help. Please email me if you know WPLMS and help resolve will pay [email protected]
    [email protected] I can redesgin your website to make it look professional and awesome :)  (cheap) example :  
    Yes, also interested in knowing of developers familiar with WPLMS. Please contact if interested in working on and maintaining our WPLMS site. Thanks.
    Hello world
    Hello Iguanaacadamy You can hire me if you interested for your site maintenance which is builted with WPLMS system. About Me  I am karthick M and i am a web developer from India, I have a wide experience on word press and LMS based architecture. You can find more about me : Please feel free contact me via skype / Email . Skype : karthick smile Email : [email protected]  
    I need someone to give maintenance on my wplms site, please contact me. [email protected]
    hello, i got the best developer i am developing my site with him. maybe you call can contact him at [email protected] the price is very less and they are very good. they changed the full look and content for another LMS system to WPLMS around like 56 courses and 1000 unit in each and 2000 products all  changed totally. in 30 days and there price was $550 for me. theme also they buyed for me on my account so i have full control. and i think they do maintenance. contact them at [email protected] or call him +97455605188
    @Divyang - Are we still in touch with them? That number is no longer reachable. Really appreciate your help or any other good references for a developer.
Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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