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    our website using wplms is very low speed and we install wp rocket plugin accuse problems with login and your support team is removed 0 we need solution for this problems. i can provide credentials data to able to solve it in private message. according to Performance Scores PageSpeed Score (16%) YSlow Score (48%) Page Details Fully Loaded Time 12.6s Total Page Size 5.98MB Requests 178
    hi check as you can see the slowness of your site due to java scripts and non-optimized images. please follow the instructions mentioned here: Also, we usually recommend VPS or a dedicated server for wplms. Wplms is not just a simple theme like others which are just used to display pages.Wplms has so many features and settings related to LMS. IT also uses buddypress (social plugin ) and woo commerce (used for products and payments ) which are in itself a bit heavy for shared hosting. The hosting service we recommend is Wpengine. install this plugin “query monitor” refer this tip to know which plugin is actually putting load on your server : Using caching techniques like Memcached, opcache on server-side might improve some speed . Also try switching to PHP version 7+ with latest Also follow this caching tip :
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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