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    The Products page does not have a good search tool like the other pages... The Member Directory, Groups Directory, and Course Directory have a powerful search tool where the user can search multiple categories and search terms at once. It looks more professional, and makes a better user experience. For example, in the All Courses page you can choose one or more categories. And then you can add a search term. So you are doing a search for a term within one or more categories. The difference with the shop page is that you can only do one type of search, not a combination. So you can see everything that is in a category, or you can search with a search-term (of all products). But you cannot do a term-search within a particular category. Woocommerce products have their own categories, so I could mark products as course, DVD or Book or something else. Then I can do a search for “ketogenic diet” in courses and DVDs only, because I don’t want to have ketogenic books or other ketogenic products. At the moment I think this is not possible in shop. But it is possible to do this in Member Directory, Groups Directory, and All Courses. In this screenshot, I am searching for a product designer who is called Jane At the moment I have no groups set up, so I can’t show an example there. In All Courses, I can search for any digital stuff in the language and photography categories. This excludes all other categories. The page even shows all the search terms But in the Shop page, I can only do a search for either photography, or language, or digital. But not all 3 terms/categories together. If a shop page search tool could be made, just like the ones that exist for the three directories, that would be great.
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