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    Hello! 1. I use psychological scales in the course to evaluate students. As far as I understand, we can no longer use survey type questions. What I need is for all answers to a question to be correct and each answer to have a different score. Is it possible to do this with automatic evaluation? In my attempts, I could only do it manually, but this way, the total score does not appear very clearly on the results page. tiny total score at the top right 2. Viewing the previous quiz test results on another subject, aligned to the right. How can I fix this? previous results align 3. I can use likert type scale by using third party plugins like "Quiz and survey master" and it also performs automatic evaluation. However, the dashboard they offer for the student presents all the scale evaluations as just a list instead of graphs. Do you have a suggestion about this?
    Anshuman Sahu
    1 . Im sorry this isnt available as of now . 2 . add this custom css in your wp-admin -> appearance -> customize -> custom css :
    .quiz_results li>span{
    3 . Currently we do plan to use vibe forms addon instead of survey quiz type . Vibe forms will act as plain forms subsmissions which can be viewed later by form creator by many students .
    Thank you Alex, 1. Im sorry, too :) 2. Thanks, it works 3. I really waiting impatiently :) You can close the topic
    thanks for your confirmation
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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