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    Hi. I tried to search for an existing thread, but couldn't find one. (sorry to add to the surge of topics). My issue is that the "Take This Course" button responds differently to two of my "free" courses. With one free course, it adds the course to the shopping cart. With the other free course, it doesn't do anything. Weird. Here are the two examples (note the difference in how "free" is listed- one is all caps "FREE" and the other in title case "Free"). See attached image.
    • Our Course page: http://www.iguanaacademy.com/allcourses/
    • The Free course, that invites me to add it to my cart: http://www.iguanaacademy.com/course/engr-x01-5-2/
    • The FREE course that will NOT allow me to add it to my cart: http://www.iguanaacademy.com/course/draw-x01-ms/
    What and WHERE did I do something differently that makes one "Free" course be added to my cart, and the other "FREE" course not be added? Thanks for your help in this confusing matter. :)
    Anshuman Sahu
    Fixed both the courses . this course : http://www.iguanaacademy.com/course/draw-x01-ms/ Has a product attached with 0  price and is not set free . This course :  http://www.iguanaacademy.com/course/engr-x01-5-2/ has free price but course duration was not set in the course settings ,therefore it was expiring as soon as user starts the course .
    Thank you so much for the solution and quick response. Great customer support. :)
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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