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    Hello, please tell me if now it's possible: 1 hide quizzes once passed 2 Randomize quiz answers in multiple choice quiz. Thank you
    Point 1: There is no functionality available for this Point 2: randomize quiz option is not available in wplms4 for multiple choice questions
    It will be possible in the future, as it was with previous Wplms version?
    hi 1. what passed course or quiz and where to hide? 2. will be great if you can share screenshot
    1. As you can see I selected Randomize quiz question, but they appear always in the same order, in previous Wplms version it worked http://prnt.sc/12h8olu 2 Once passed quiz it was possible to hide it with no chanche to retake it, I added a code in wplms customizer.php, something like this: add_filter('wplms_quiz_retake_count','remove_retake_button_if_user_passed_the_quiz',10,4); function remove_retake_button_if_user_passed_the_quiz($retakes,$quiz_id,$course,$user_id){ $user_marks=get_post_meta($quiz_id,$user_id,true); $quiz_passing_marks=get_post_meta($quiz_id,'vibe_quiz_passing_score',true); if(empty($quiz_passing_marks)) return $retakes; if($user_marks >= $quiz_passing_marks){ ?> <style> .vibebp_main .incourse.quiz_retake { display:none !important; } </style> <?php return 0;} else return $retakes; }
    hi for1 we have setting but it's not working so created a Trello card https://trello.com/c/OCe040NY and for 2: we need to check this on local
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    hi please check this topic link https://wplms.io/support/forums/topic/hide-quizzes-when-passed/
    Hi Veronica, I asked if there was an update because at the end of the topic you suggested to me there was this issue: Sorry to say but this is all I can provide for this issue. This does not remove the retake button just after submitting but disables the button and when refreshing the page retake button is removed.
    hi a. Enable Quiz passing score in WP-Admin – LMS – Settings b. Set a passing score in Quiz settings. c. Add this code in child theme functions.php or WPLMS customizer:
    add_filter('bp_course_fetch_user_quiz_retake_count',function ($retake_count,$quiz_id,$user_id){
    $passing_score = get_post_meta($quiz_id,'vibe_quiz_passing_score',true);
    if(isset($passing_score) && is_numeric($passing_score)){
    $score = get_post_meta($quiz_id,$user_id,true);
    if($score > $passing_score){
    return get_post_meta($quiz_id,'vibe_quiz_retakes',true);
    return $retake_count;
    please try this and let me know
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    hi please remove the old code and add the above code i have updated the code so please check that and let us know
    Hi Veronica, WOW, now it works! Thank you hor your help!
    good to know this works thanks for your confirmation
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