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    Dear WPLMS Team, Hi! I have tried to solve issues through knowledgebase but some issues are still not solved plz help me to solve these issues as soon as possible : 1. I want to change Register Form Background color: I tried this css provided at knowledgebase for register page but not soled it change only form color not background. .register .pusher, .register div#buddypress{background:#78c8c9 !important;} 2. One Session per user: I want one user can login in one device at a time with one id. I have setup for this according you as One session per User One Session per user setup and Prevent simultaneous logins Logout all existing and log in Prevents simultanous login of one user account , checks if user is online from firebase itself! But I found still one user can be logged in from multi devices at a time and even create course in two deafferent devices using one ID. 3. WPML Plugin error critical php error: While I activate the WPML plugin an error occur "your site has a critical php error" and thus site down. PLEASE solve this because I still not activated WPML plugin. 4. How to adjust Logo in Mobile Devices : My logo Size looks like stretched, Mobile Logo Size Not Ok I have uploaded two different logos for Desktop and Mobile Logo with Different sizes in WPLMS > Header> LOGO. I tried this css provided at knowledgebase but not solved. @media screen and (max-width: 767px) { header #trigger {margin-top: -10px !important; }} h2#logo { width: 163 px !important; } 5.Imported Course Not Found in all Courses: I imported one course file.csv with successfully imported message but no imported course found in all courses. Thanks and Regards.
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