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    We have set up our /allcourses page with the WPLMS-WooCommerce plugin so that visitors can click on course listing > go to the course details page. However, when the click on the TAKE THIS COURSE button on the course details page, they are directed to a Not Found page. Only if they look below the TAKE THIS COURSE button and select from the variable options (AGE and FEEDBACK levels), then the TAKE THIS COURSE button directs them to the shopping cart. Is there a way to ensure that shoppers can avoid this confusion? IDEAS/SUGGESTIONS:
    1. If visitor must select age and feedback level prior to selecting TAKE THIS COURSE, then is there a way to put the button below the age/feedback dropdown options? Or to add an obvious note "Please select your age and feedback level and then click the TAKE THIS COURSE button")?
    2. If the visitor selects TAKE THIS COURSE button without having selected an age/feedback options, then could we have a popup that says "Please select your age and feedback level before adding this course to your cart." Can we do this?
    3. If a course is only offered in Bronze, then is it possible to only have that feedback level be available in the dropdown menu? The not-available courses would either not appear in the dropdown list or be grayed out.
    Are these solutions doable, or do you have other suggestions? Thank you ;)
      If you'd like to sample the errors yourself, here are a few links to test on our site:
    • COURSES: https://www.iguanaacademy.com/allcourses/
    • FILM 01 https://www.iguanaacademy.com/course/film-101/
    • ENGR 01 https://www.iguanaacademy.com/course/engr-x01-3/
    You will see that clicking on TAKE THIS COURSE takes you to the Not Found page at https://www.iguanaacademy.com/found/ Thanks for your help. If you need admin access info, please let me know. I appreciate your wonderful LMS app and your customer service this past year. Tim Chambers
    a. Check the Cart page and make sure it exists. WP Admin - WooCommerce - Settings section. b. Enable redirect to cart page on product add, from wp-admin - WooCommerce -settings section.   let me know if above suggestions do not help.
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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