BP Social Connect integration with Wplms

You can now integrate bp social connect that allows user to log-in via Google,Facebook and Twitter accounts with your website .

To integrate this plugin in WPLMS ,follow these steps:

1.Download bp social connect plugin and place it in folder wp _content->plugins.

2.Go to WordPress and activate BP Social Connect plugin.

3. Go to WordPress->Dashboard->Settings.

You will see a new field ” BP Social Connect”

Click on this field.

4. Set the General settings in BP social connect.

5. After setting General settings, Go to “Facebook” tab in BP social connect.

6. Click on the developers link to generate App Id and App Secret.

  Steps to be followed :

(i).Log-in to your Facebook Account.

(ii) Click on Create new App

(iii)Select WWW from the options.

(iv)Click on Create App ID.

(v) Enter Display name,namespace and select the category. And Click on Create App Id.

(vi)  App Id and App Secret will be appeared on your screen.Click on show button to get App Secret.

(vii) Copy App Id and App Secret and paste them in Dashboard->settings->Bp social connect->facebook.

“App Id” and “App  Secret” Fields.

(viii) click on save settings.

Note : On the facebook apps’s under settings – Display name, Namespace, App domain and select platform, which is your website. The site URL and the Apps Domain has to be the same.

7.After setting facebook settings,Go to “Twitter” tab in BP social connect.

8.Click on the developers link to generate App Id and App Secret.

    Steps to be followed :

(i).Log-in to your  Twitter Account and click on “Create new app” button.

(ii) In Create an Application, Enter the following fields:Name,Description,Website,Callback Url.

(iii)Scroll Down and mark “YES,I Agree” to checked and click on Create Your Twitter application.

(iv)Click on “manage keys and access tokens” link.

(v)  Copy Consumer key,Consumer secret and Callback url and paste it into Dashboard->settings->bp Social Connect.

“consumer key”,”consumer secret” and “Callback url” Fields.

(vi)Click on Save Settings.

9.After Setting Twitter Settings,Go to “Google” Tab in BP Social Connect.

10.Click on the developers link to generate Client Id and Client Secret and client Uri.

    Steps to be followed :

(i).Log-in to your Google+ Account.And Click on “Create Project”.

(ii)Enter Project Name and click on “create” button.

(iii) After that Go to API and Auth->API.

Select Google+ API under social APIs

(iv)click on “enable API”.

(vii) Click on “Credentials” under API and AUTH ->credentials and Click On “Create New Client Id” button.

(viii)  Choose “web application” and enter the following fields as per your website.

these redirect should be same as you put in redirect uri you entered in wp-admin > settings -> bp social connect -> google .


(usually your home url .)


(ix) Click on “create client Id “button .

(x)  Copy Client Id, Client Secret Client Uri and paste it into Dashboard->Settings->Bp Social Connect->Google.

“Client Id”,”Client Secret” and “Client Uri” fields.

(xi) click on “save settings:

11. In each tab “Facebbok”,”Twitter” and “Google” ,you can Add BuddyPress profile field  by clicking on “Add BuddyPress profile field map” button.

     and select the categories from the dropdown list.

12.You have successfully integrated BP Social Connect plugin in WPLMS.

Download BP SOCIAL CONNECT plugin from here.