Wp Courseware to WPLMS Migration Plugin

Please download the plugin from here: WPLMS Courseware Migrate Plugin



  • This plugin will help you to migrate all your wp courseware courses to wplms courses.
  • With the courses all its units, quizzes and questions will also be migrated.
  • This whole process will be done by you in just one click.


  1. Make sure WPLMS and WP Courseware both are activated on your site.
  2. Please download the plugin that is attached above.
  3. Install the plugin by going to your wp-admin  dashboard -> plugins -> add new -> upload plugin.
  4. Now activate the plugin.

How to use:

  1. After activation you can see a notification to migrate wp courseware courses to wplms in wp-admin.
  2. Click on “Begin Migration Now” button, refer: 
  3. Now you can see a success message, refer: 
  4. Done. The migration is now successful.


Also Refer the video tutorial on this:

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