WPLMS Appointments Update 1.3

Version 1.3

Bug Fixes:

  1.  Security Key passed in api call which fetch the data of instructing appointments tab
  2.  Security key passed in api call of join meeting
  3. View Profile button in directory is now redirecting to the user profile
  4. Clicked Schedule will be highlighted in the schedule calendar tab
  5. Book Tab calendar was starting from Sunday Instead of Monday
  6. Assign to Course Dropdown of Schedule Popup was showing all the courses instead of only those course which is created by that instructor is fixed
  7. The Pricing of Appointments in Courses was not changing is fixed
  8. The instructing Appointments tab appointments was not showing the images
  9.  Security key passed in meeting enabled api call
  10. On clicking the already added schedule, and selecting date and time again will initialise the date, time from start
  11. Show Calendar Icon on Calendar Navigation in schedule calendar tab

New Feature

Walkthrough: A new feature is added which guides the whole process of creating schedules.  It will show a step by step tour of how to add a schedule. A user can easily use this feature and can create a schedule


Please check this video: https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cqjQjTON8Q



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